Thursday, April 18, 2013

Strada Fango Spring Classic

I haven't gotten around to finishing up a Ragnarok 105 report just yet, the week has been busy. I feel it's necessary and urgent that I fill you in on some details regarding next Sunday's Strada Fango...

As Guitar Ted has reported, this has been a tough year for the gravel grinding folks in the midwest. Many of the early spring classics have had some horrendous (read - "epic") conditions, and many are postponing or even cancelling! Well...yesterday I was contacted by the race director for the Strada Fango. He is very, very close to cancelling as well, but still insists that THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

I was asked to whip together a quick gravel grinder in The Blue Hills. Having considered hosting a gravel grinder of my own, I had an assortment of courses and rides that I've done in the past ready to throw on the table. There's an alternate course at hand. After some scouting this weekend, and a strong possibility that THE SHOW WILL GO ON, I assure you folks...The 2013 Strada Fango will not disappoint. 

Stay tuned...

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